Student Space & Technology Camp Initiative

Thousands of young people may never have an opportunity to participate in a space Camp experience. The basic camps in the US average $1000 a week plus airfare. This high cost makes it difficult for these young people to have an opportunity to participate in a real space camp with true NASA experiences designed to ignite their curiosity.




With your support, the Jana Jackson for K.I.D.S. Foundation will provide innovative experiences to kids, delivered by a NASA Aerospace Education Specialist. These STEM related experiences will impact their lives and transform their visions of where they may fit in our global society.




Our Space & Technology Camp program is an 8 hr program over 1 or two days and will be offered during the summer break and at other times by arrangement.  The program will be offered several times for different age groups. The introductory program will facility learning for Kids in grades K-3.   The advanced program will facility stem learning for kids in grades 4-7. 


This camp may be expanded up to 4 full days based on funding and demand. 


Please give generously and experience the collective impact of this special initiative.

The Jana Jackson for K.I.D.S. Foundation is a Non-Profit 501 (3) (c) Corporation.