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Core Programs & Projects

Jana Jackson for K.I.D.S. Foundation currently offers 4 educational programs, as well as two globally-targeted goodwill initiatives:

Mentoring Intiative

The Mentoring Initiative is intended to change the behaviors of young men and women who have experienced difficulties such as, juvenile delinquency, family displacement, and other dramatic events in their lives.  The program connects youth with professionals such as athletes, first responders, legal and medical professionals, and community advocates and others.  The professional participants will have the opportunity to serve as role models, mentors, and career pathway advisors

During our annual 2-day conference professional, will interact with students to build social skills intended to change the student’s social behavior towards each other and their family and community. The professionals will use their own experience to promote positive social awareness in the student’s behavior. The youth will then produce and make a presentation on their experience and engage their family in a community service project and will be invited to attend additional Foundation events throughout the year.

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Book Pocket Clothes

The Book Pocket Clothes program is designed to provide clothing and inspirational writings to children ages 4-10 in low socioeconomic areas . The clothes have a pocket that holds devotional books of encouragement written by Jana Jackson that promotes the concept of “you are beautiful and loved.” The clothes are hand made by volunteers.

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Space & Technology Camp

The Space & Technology Camp program is  for kids ages 5-13 and is designed to engage the youth in STEM-related activities that are both fun and educational.  The Program is divided into two different camps:  Grades K-3 and 4-7.    Our program was developed by an Aerospace education specialist trained by the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA)

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Story book Collection

The Story book Collection is a globally-targeted initiative, designed to teach and inspire youth in various socio-economic conditions around the world through books which feature children’s stories about faith, love, integrity, and kindness. Book proceed will support the foundation and its programs.
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Our Model | Our Vision

Jana Jackson for K.I.D.S. Foundation is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation that provides innovative programs custom designed for kids, which merge the educational interests of philanthropists, professional sports organizations, youth groups, corporate sponsors, community service organizations, and local school districts. The goal of the program is to bridge the gap between  kids’ current understanding of work ethics, and what is needed in the real world.

Students will engage in STEM-related curricula such as drones, aviation, coding, and more, which will inspire them to better understand their own skills and how to apply them to real life career opportunities. At the same time, students will be exposed to successful people from the community and athletic arena which will model for them what is successful and appropriate in the workplace.

Engineering Camp

The Engineering camp  is for youth ages 14-19 and is designed to inspire all kids . The  program  exposes them to community role models and engaging them in experiences customized to various high-tech arenas.

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Engineering Enrichment Program

The Engineering enrichment program  is an after school year round STEM  oportunity for students in 9th-12th Grades.  The program engages students in high tech studies which supplement their school curriculum and prepares them for summer internships and entrance into the best Universities.

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Meet Jana


Jana passed her Ph.D. comprehensive oral and written exams on the day Rosa Parks passed away. Jana celebrated her personal success and the success of other women made possible by the efforts of Rosa Parks.

That afternoon, Jana’s father called her and asked her to come home because he was going into hospice. Jana left immediately with her children and put her pending Ph.D. on hold.

For the past three decades, Jana has worked across the nation as an employee or contractor for various organizations including:

    • Inner City Chicago Public School
    • Learning Style Networks under the direction of Rita & Kenneth Dunn, Jamaica, New York
    • NASA Headquarter Washington D.C.
    • Puerto Rico Public Schools, San Hermann University Puerto Rico, at Oklahoma State University
    • NAVSEA (Naval Sea System Command)
    • State of Florida Legislature
    • Alaska Aerospace Corporation
    • Haskell Indian Nations University at Lawrence, Kansas
    • Small Town in Northern Italy
    • Inner city Schools at Topeka. Kansas
    • Legislative Intern, Florida State Education Committee
    • Navajo/Hopi Native American schools in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Education
    • Phoenix area public schools grades 8-12 Science Teacher

Jana’s education leadership experience with these organizations includes Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Curriculum Developer, Education Leader, Legislative Researcher and Statutes Writer, Text book Writer, Program Specialists, Educational Specialist, and Inspirational Presenter. Jana has held firmly to her passion to teach and inspire her entire life. Her commitment to God, Family and community have always been her guiding principles.

Jana completed her Bachelors of Science degree in K-12 Science Education from Governors State University, Forest Park, IL. In between her professional career and raising her 7 children, Jana worked on a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Special education Policy & Law. Jana studied under professors at various university who were considered the best in their fields. The universities she attended included: Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana; Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida; and the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas.

A Message from Jana

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